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A relaxing place to meet and socialize in a friendly,down-home atmosphere. OKAZAKI NEW GRAND HOTEL, next to Okazaki Castle (famous for the birth of General leyasu Tokugawa), is surrounded by the clarity of the Oto River and the greenery of Okazaki Park, a superb vantage point from which to catch the Great Fountain of Oto River and Okazaki Castle and its Japanese-style garden-within-the park in a bird's-eye view. Toron Springs, our observatory hot springs, is at the same altitude as the castle tower, thus giving you a marvelous view of the grounds.

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It is a space that is the best for meeting and wide. It is a space that is the best for meeting and wide. Settled space that matches tone? (Please provide sentences here. )

GUEST ROOMS 90 rooms
CAPACITY 173 persons
ROOM TYPES Single, Double, Twin, Deluxe Twin, Royal Suite Room
BANQUET HALLS European-style room (large) 300 persons
European-style room (middle・small) 20-200 persons
Japanese style room (large) 100 persons
Japanese style room (medium・small) and rooms reserved for honored guests.
MEETING ROOMS European-style room (large・medium・small) 10-300 persons
OTHERS Lounge, Members club, KARAOKE room, Sky restaurant, Bar, Wedding hall, Hot spring of View large bathroom (with Sauna)

OKAZAKI NEW GRAND HOTEL 515-33, Kosei-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi Japan 444-0052
TEL: +81-564-21-5111
FAX: +81-564-21-0109

For further information and for reservations, please call TEL: +81-564-21-5111 or FAX: +81-564-21-0109.

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